Adopt a Dog from Spain

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Adopting a dog is an important decision that will help dogs who are in need, but it’s not just dogs in the UK who need help. There are many adoption centres around the world with dogs who are looking for their forever homes, this article will outline how you can adopt a dog from Spain. 

Spain has a big issue with stray dogs, especially when the hunting season ends, when many dogs are abandoned and hunters no longer have a purpose for the dogs. 

How to adopt a dog from Spain

The first step when adopting a dog from Spain is to find an adoption centre. I will list some below.

Your next step is to scroll through the adoption centre sites and perhaps find a dog that stands out to you, if you’re not fussy then you can talk to the adoption centre and they can pair you with a furry friend who they think is your perfect match. 

If you haven’t already, contact the adoption centre. They will ask questions about you and tell you more about the dogs available so that they can be sure that you’re a match for the dog, or so that they can pair you with one. They will ask you questions about who lives in your household, their ages, do you have a garden, what size of garden, have you had dogs before, do you work etc. All of which will help you, the centre, and the dog to find their forever home. You just have to trust the process, even if you had your heart set on a particular dog. 

You will be asked to fill in an adoption form with many of the questions listed above and more so that the adoption agency can get a clear picture of your lifestyle. This will likely be done via email. 

The adoption centre will review your form and pick out a dog that is perfect for your circumstances. 

Now comes the home check. An expert volunteer will come to your home to review your circumstances and to make sure that it is suitable for your dog. This will be done by an external organisation as the charity can’t exactly send somebody all the way from Spain to look at your house. The home checker will contact you to organise a date and time that suits. The expert volunteer will have access to your form and the form of the dog you have been matched with to allow them to assess your house and circumstances properly. They will need to meet you, and the others in the house while also looking around your home. 

You will be contacted after the home visit in order to let you know if your application was successful or not. 

If your application is approved then a team member will get in touch to give you more details about your dog and the process. Things such as issues the dog has and how to deal with them etc. They will also make sure that you have the basics sorted such as food advice and harnesses etc.

After reading all of the information, somebody will be in touch to organise a date for when your dog can travel to you from Spain. All of this will of course take into account the transport available, the preparation of the dog, and your own availability as it is recommended that you have at least two weeks off at home so that your dog can bond with you and settle in.

You will also get a contract and invoice for dog travel and for the preparation costs. Preparation costs include things such as any necessary vaccinations, neutering, blood tests, and passport. Proof of these will then be sent to you for approval. If the blood tests come back with any sort of diseases then the centre will be in touch to give you the details and to make sure that you want to go through with the adoption. 

While this is ongoing the centre can set up videos for you and the dog, and will also send you videos of them to let you get to know the dog. If you have cats in your house, the dog will be given tests to ensure that they react well to cats. 

Before your dog arrives, more information will be sent to assure that you are prepared to welcome your new furry friend. You will also receive an approximate date and time of arrival. 

Before leaving Spain a Defra vet will make sure that all of your dog’s information is in order so that it can arrive safely to you. 

You can track your new dog’s travels straight to your door.

This whole process can last anywhere from two weeks to six weeks, all of which depends on communication and whether or not your dog has had their vaccinations etc. As well as transport availability of course. 

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