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Instagram is the perfect place to store and view your interests, so what is more perfect than to follow some ratonero bodeguero dogs? Nothing, that’s what. This article will provide some of the best accounts to follow and it will introduce you to the iconic breed.

What is a Ratonero Bodeguero?

A Ratonero Bodeguero is essentially a Spanish Jack Russel or wine cellar rat-hunting dog. 

The Ratonero Bodeguero is a medium sized dog with a very similar appearance to the Jack Russell Terrier. Therefore it has quite an athletic build with a triangular-shaped head. Their hair is short and thick and they tend to be white with tricolour markings (brown, white, black, and sometimes tan). They have quite a long snout to help with hunting and their ears are high sitting and bend at the top. Their tails tend to be docked to a quarter of the length, but there are also some that are born with a bobtail. 

They are quite energetic and bold dogs, who are also said to be good with children due to their sweet temperament. They can also be quite sociable dogs and so get along well with other dogs and most people. Due to their instincts as a hunter however, they do not get on well with smaller animals such as rabbits etc. 

These dogs are easily maintained and only require a brush to remove dead hair occasionally. As well as cleaning their ears and eyes sometimes to avoid infections.

The Ratonero Bodeguero is a healthy dog, with a life expectancy of 15-18 years. They don’t have any reported health risks that are specifically popular amongst the breed, but they are occasionally available for adoption due to the high number of stray Ratonero Bodegueros living in Spain. This means that if you adopt a Ratonero Bodeguero from one of these places, then you should always be sure to check for fleas and make sure to get the relevant injections and treatments. However, it is important to rescue them as they are frequently abandoned. 

Bodegueros of Instagram


This account posts frequent pictures of their ratonero bodeguero called Odie and Odie’s friend Mista who is a German pointer mix. The account posts loads of beautiful pictures of the two dogs living their everyday lives.


This account follows Jas’s many adventures, posting frequent photos and videos of Jas on her adventures. 


This account follows Romero and their adventures through life. There are many pictures of Romero living his life and going about his day.


This account is for Pico, an Andaluz winner who was abandoned. Pico lives in Santa Pola in Alicante, he is seven years old and his profile states that he loves rabbits and cats. 


Rocky is a five month old puppy whose account has frequent posts of Rocky’s adventures and everyday life. So follow Rocky and watch him grow from a puppy and learn to navigate his surroundings. 


This account follows two ratonero bodeguero and their adventures and home life, including their chill time. The account posts both videos and pictures documenting the fun times of the dogs. 


This account posts photos of their ratonero bodeguero who they adopted in September of 2019. They like to play, sleep, walk, and be with their loved ones. The account posts many photos including funny ones, cute ones, and magnificent ones of their ratonero’s adventures, playtime, and downtime. This is a great account to follow for frequent updates. 


This account posts very frequently with photos and videos of their ratonero bodegueros and their adventures and playtime. So give Chiquito, Tajo, and Juana a follow as they have fun together and adventure around the world. 


This account follows Simba the ratonero bodeguero as he navigates life and playtime. The account posts fairly regularly, updating Simba’s life and what he has been up to. 


This account has many pictures and videos of Salsa, the ratonero bodeguero, and her friends. There are beautiful pictures of Salsa along with some humorous ones and playful ones. The account posts amazing pictures regularly. Follow Salsa as she lives her life to the full along with some of her friends. 

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