Best Dog House for Hot Weather

We all know that summer can be a challenging time for dogs in terms of finding a way to cool down efficiently. Shade is important and your four-legged friend will need it during the hot summer months. So where can you find a place for your dog to chill comfortably during summer? The answer is a dog house. Even if your dog is primarily an indoor dog, having a dog house in your back garden will give your furry friend somewhere to go that is cool, comfortable, and secure. Also if your dog likes to be indoors, then it is the perfect solution – a dog house provides an indoor space for your dog to shelter from all sorts of weather, including the summer months. 

Heat stroke is no joke, dogs struggle with heat more than us humans. It can cause disorientation, and confusion in a dog, sometimes even making them faint. It can lead to dehydration and therefore a shelter of some sort for your dog is extremely important in the hot, summer months.

Dog houses come in all different materials, shapes, and sizes, some more durable than others. So here is all that you need to know when looking to buy a dog house:

When looking for a dog house, finding one with a raised floor is important. Heat of course rises from the ground and so investing in a dog house that lifts the house off the ground is an important factor when buying a safe dog house that will work effectively for your pet. However, failing to find one, it is easy enough to stick a couple of bricks underneath a dog house in order to raise it from the ground. It is also important to find a dog house that has at least one air vent. Good ventilation will make sure that the dog house circulates cool air rather than being clammy and dangerous to your dog during the hot summer months. 

Of course your choice will also depend on the size of your dog. If you have a cage or crate, you should be looking at relatively the same size of dog house. The dog house should be large enough to lie in comfortably and to move around freely. Try not to get a house that is too big, as when it comes to winter, a bigger house will not keep your furry friend warm as easily. 

When it comes to materials, wood is recommended, particularly redwood or cedar as it prevents the floor from rotting. Metal and plastic houses are not a very good option when choosing a dog house, this is because they both conduct temperatures easier than wood, but also because plastic when exposed to lots of sun may deteriorate. Wooden houses are the best option as they offer good ventilation during the summer and winter months. However, wooden houses don’t tend to last as long as plastic ones, but they are still the best option when looking for a safe, and effective dog house to keep your pet safe during the hot summer months. You should also check that your dog house comes with insulation. Insulation helps to prevent heat from transferring into the dog house during the summer months, but it also helps to prevent the cold from getting into the dog house during winter. However, you can always purchase ventilation kits that you can add to the dog house. Foam is great for using as insulation, just add it to the inner walls and roof, making sure to leave the ventilation gaps uncovered. 

When placing your dog house, make sure that you put it in a naturally shaded area. Placing your dog house in the sun will not be effective in cooling your dog, so make sure you put it in an area that is in the shade for most of the day. 

You should also make sure to clean the dog house, preferably the end of each season. So when purchasing a dog house, make sure that your dog house is easy to clean. Of course plastic dog houses are easiest to clean, but you can get wooden ones that are also easy to access. 

This is a beautiful looking dog house that will definitely not be an eyesore in your beautiful garden. It is made of wood so it will provide the best results and it is also raised so it will allow for good circulation of cool air during the summer. There is a window that allows for ventilation, and the asphalt roof will provide a durable and waterproof finish. The hinged roof also allows for easy cleaning.

This dog house is plastic and easily accessible for cleaning. It has a base that keeps your pet off the ground, but the house is not raised, however this can be done easily by placing some bricks underneath the house. There is no air vent either, but it states that the design is not airtight and therefore it circulates the air efficiently enough.

This is also a sturdy, wooden dog house that is raised off the ground and has a weatherproof roof that will keep your dog dry during the winter. It can not, however, be easily cleaned due to the need to take screws off in order to access the inside for cleaning.

This dog house is evidently not the most durable of options as it is made of waterproof cotton canvas. Although it is a good idea if you simply want to build it up on a summer’s day and then take it back down and store it away. It is flat pack and easily stored and it is also raised from the ground with good ventilation and a breathable material. This is perfect for if you want a portable dog house, perhaps for if you are going to a barbecue or something. It is a handy accessory to own as we all know that we don’t get much sun in the UK, and so the need for a dog house to protect your dog from the sun is not always great. 

Another wooden option that provides great circulation, and a raised floor. The roof is also hinged, allowing you easy access in order to clean the dog house. The house is also insulated by the thick wooden floorboards that are placed close together to not allow for any air passages. It does not however provide a vent for better airflow.

This dog house even has a fancy balcony for your dog with steps leading up to it. The dog house is made of wood and has a slightly raised floor to prevent ground heat transfer. There doesn’t appear to be any ventilation other than the door which is quite large and might not provide efficient cover.

This dog tent is not the best in terms of keeping your dog cool, but it will still provide your dog with shade and a raised platform to cool them down. It is better than them lying on the ground and it is easy to assemble and pack away. Considering the amount of sun we get in the UK it is certainly efficient and comfortable enough. 

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