Spanish Jack Russel

The Ratonero Bodeguero Andaluz is often considered to be the ‘Spanish Jack Russel’ due to the extremely similar characteristics of the two breeds. 


The name of the Ratonero Bodeguero Andaluz translates to ‘wine cellar pest control dog from Andalusia’.

They are said to have originated from the fox terriers that were taken from England to Spain by British wine merchants in order to hunt rats on the wine merchants’ ships and in wine cellars around the 1800s’. When the wine merchants settled in Andalusia, they brought their dogs with them to ward off any pests due to the fox terriers’ high prey-drive. The fox terriers then bred with local Andalusian dogs, overtime producing the wonderful Ratonero Bodeguero Andaluz. Although, they are also commonly referred to as the ‘Spanish Jack Russel’ due to the similarities between the breeds. 

In the 1980s’ somebody decided that the Ratonero Bodeguero Andaluz deserved to be recognised as a breed standard in order to preserve the breed. The official recognition of the Ratonero Bodeguero Andaluz was officially recognised in 2000 when they were declared as a Spanish native dog breed. 


The Ratonero Bodeguero is a medium sized dog with a very similar appearance to the Jack Russell Terrier. Therefore it has quite an athletic build with a triangular-shaped head. Their hair is short and thick and they tend to be white with tricolour markings (brown, white, black, and sometimes tan). They have quite a long snout to help with hunting and their ears are high sitting and bend at the top. Their tails tend to be docked to a quarter of the length, but there are also some that are born with a bobtail. 


They are quite energetic and bold dogs, who are also said to be good with children due to their sweet temperament. They can also be quite sociable dogs and so get along well with other dogs and most people. Due to their instincts as a hunter however, they do not get on well with smaller animals such as rabbits etc. 


The Ratonero Bodeguero is a healthy dog, with a life expectancy of 15-18 years. They don’t have any reported health risks that are specifically popular amongst the breed, but they are occasionally available for adoption due to the high number of stray Ratonero Bodegueros living in Spain. This means that if you adopt a Ratonero Bodeguero from one of these places, then you should always be sure to check for fleas and make sure to get the relevant injections and treatments. However, it is important to rescue them as they are frequently abandoned. 


The Ratonero Bodeguero breed makes great pets, so if you’re looking at inviting one to join your family, please note that you should consider rescuing one instead of purchasing from a breeder. The Ratonero Bodeguero are prone to being abandoned, therefore it is important to adopt them by getting them from rescue homes and other equivalents when possible.

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